Aspirating fire detection combined with non-pressurized nitrogen firesuppression. A system designed to protect closed serverracks and electrical
cabinets up to a volume of 2.4m3 or 84ft3. Tested extensively by DMT, Dortmund Germany part TüV Nord. Object protection, securing high value
equipment close to the potential source of fire. This level of fire protection will contribute to higher business continuity and lower downtime in case
of fire starting inside mission critical equipment. Easy installation and low maintenance will contribute to the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the market. 

Fire protection close to the source. EXXFIRE protects your systems against fire trough early detection and suppression, preventing large damage to your hardware.

3 ApolloTM sensor detection module with aspiration system based on Xp-95TM protocol and VotexxTM software.


Robust Aerospace technology

Robust Aerospace technology

Cool Gas Generator technology will change the future of gas storage. The solid chemical grain inside is stable and cannot leak. The generator housing is IP67 water tight before and after usage. The used chemical components will stay inside the generator and only the Nitrogen gas is released. The used generator will be recycled in a controlled manner as chemical waste.
Non-Pressurized Nitrogen

Non-Pressurized Nitrogen

To secure 2.4m3 or 84ft3 the system provides 2 Cool Gas Generators each capable of producing 750nL or 0.9KG of Nitrogen at ambient temperature. The low pressure and low noise level gas output does not interfere with the integrity of the IT equipment. This type of gas storage is maintenance free with a shelve life of 10 years.
Aspiration detection

Aspiration detection

The three optical Apollo XP95 sensors are the most sensitive smoke detectors in the market. Our Votexx software combines the readings of each detector and optimise them to prevent false alarms. An electrical fan samples the air continuously from the protected volume, providing fast smoke detection.
3 Dry Relay Contacts

3 Dry Relay Contacts

The EXXFIRE 1500 has 3 dry NO/NC relay contacts for FAULT, PRE-ALARM and ALARM state. You can hard wire these relays to any type of cabinet management system or fire alarm panel.
No ODP, GWP or Residue

No ODP, GWP or Residue

Using Nitrogen as fire suppressant means No Ozone Depletion, No Global Warming Potential and No corrosive Residues to clean up. These advantages are widely recognized in the world of fire suppression for IT and electrical equipment.
Easy to install

Easy to install

The EXXFIRE 1500 can be build inside or on top of the cabinet. An easy mounting plate or 19 inch rack bracket fitting kit is available. These kits contain also aspirating detection nozzle and gas dispersion pipes, couplings and grommets.
Mounting Kit

Mounting Kit

There are two mounting kits available, one for mounting outside the protected volume and one for inside the 19 inch server rack. The kit contains all the parts needed to install and commission the system.

Technical specifications


MM = 418x443x165
INCH = 16.5x17.1x6.5


KG = 24
LBS = 60

Extinguishing Agent

N2 = Nitrogen

Gas Mass (volume)

KG = 1.8
L = 1500

Protected Volume

M3 = 2.4
FT3 = 84

Output Pressure

BAR = 3-5



Protection Rating


Voltage (mains)

V = 110/230AC

Back-up Power

HRS = 4
YRS = 4

Lifetime Generator

YRS = 10

Operating Temperature Range

°C = -25 to 65
°F = -13 to 149


QTY. = 2


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