• Slide7b

    Revolutionary Fire Suppression System
    Space Approved
    Low Pressure
    Low Noise level


  • Slide750Nieuw

    Protects up to 1.2 m3
    Pressureless stored N2
    Ambient temperature
    IG100 Clean Agent


  • Slide1500Nieuw

    Protects up to 2.4 m3
    Maintenance free generator
    Inside and outside mounting
    Easy installation 
    Plug and Play


  • Slide1500Cabinet

    Protects up to 3.6 m3
    Aspirating detection
    3 ApolloTM optical detectors
    VotexxTM software

****Order now for the 2nd batch of 2016****

Production tests of the fire suppression technology from space, are under way!

A fire inside core operational systems can ruin your business permanently. Even if the fire didn't destroy the company building it can disrupt day-to-day operations in such a way that you lose your business. Therefore EXXFIRE™ has developed a smart fire suppression system, to secure your IT systems and all operational control or switching cabinets. EXXFIRE™ detect potential fire fast and prevent fire from starting without any damage to the protected equipment. For that we are using a worldwide patented, revolutionary, maintenance free, gas storage and release technology, capable of producing N2 gas at room temperature! We use 3 optical smoke detector sensors of Apollo™ and their XP-95 protocol to communicate with any fire alarm panel in the market. Our in-house developed 'voting' software Votexx™ reduces the chance of a false alarm significantly. Secure your business with EXXFIRE™!

IMG 3747 
25 April 2016, Successfull fire suppression tests at DMT TÜV Nord in Dortmund                                .



Product Range - IG100

  • EXXFIRE™ 750 system with Aspirating detection, Alarm indicator, 0.95 kg or 750 liter of IG100 (N2)
  • EXXFIRE™ 1500 system with Aspirating detection, Alarm indicator, 1.9 kg or 1500 liter of IG100 (N2)
  • EXXFIRE™ 2250 system with Aspirating detection, Alarm indicator, 2.85 kg or 2250 liter of IG100 (N2)
  • EXXFIRE™ 5000 IG100 Generator for room protection systems up to 100m3

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